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Training Center Philosophy & Shaping Behavior

Training Center Philosophy and Shaping Behavior

Training Center Philosophy

We can teach you how to communicate with your dog and better understand canine behavior while being sensitive to your pet’s unique personality!

We center our training approach on Matthew’s unique set of five handling manners. These are casual, command-free responsibilities for your dog that do not require the rigidity of formal commands.

The result is legitimate, hands-free, relaxed control over your canine companion while he/she is in the center of activity.

Shaping Behavior

Once handling manners (which act as the core of your new relationship with your pet) have been well-learned, we can launch you and your canine companion into any direction of formal training you desire.

Utilizing motivational techniques such as positive reinforcement and non-verbal deterrents, in conjunction with consistent handling, we can help you teach your dog a broad range of commands and hand signals.

Our focus during training will be on reward (lots of it), not harmful negativity. In fact, at our training center, we do not use any physical reprimands or negative emotions during your dog’s learning exercises!