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 27 reviews
by Denise Broughton on Duffy's Dog Training Center

My Simba was a Pomeranian rescue with a very aggressive temperament. I really thought I was going to have to return him because he would bite me, many times for no reason. I brought him to the training center as a last resort. I remember Matthew sitting and listening to me while my dog was climbing up and down me and running around like a wild child. At one point he asked if he could lake Simba's leash from me, and seriously in two minutes had my dog sitting next to him not making a sound...WOW! After working at the training center for the next few weeks, I saw an immediate change in Simba, he was well mannered, and pleasant to be around. No longer did my family members run away from him, but actually enjoyed petting him! I continued to work with Simba using Duffy's techniques for the next several years, binging him in for a few Doggy daycare days to keep him heading in the right direction. I was so confident with Simba, I took him to church with me for all the kids to love on them and play. I remember the first time I saw him playing with the children I just cried because of how far he had come! I would have never thought when I first brought him home we would ever get to this point! Thank you Matthew Duffy!

by Victor Bramlett on Duffy's Dog Training Center
Highly recommend

I have been taking my Australian Shepherd pup to Duffy's for a few months now for day school and personal lessons. Of course, it has helped him with basic manners and commands as accurately advertise. However, most of all Duffy's has given me the know-how on how to work with my Aussie at home. Training hasn't just help him become an obedient, but has strengthen our bond as human and dog. I would highly recommend anyone with a dog coming to Duffy's!

by Julie Lewis on Duffy's Dog Training Center

I have my beloved Penny being trained at Duffy's and I can say I am very impressed! From the initial evaluation to the one on one lessons I have felt like all of the staff care. Duffy's came highly recommended to me by many of my friends. Cost wasn't an issue for me because I wanted peace of mind when I am outside with Penny and my other animals. I went with the full program option because I knew that although my Penny is a very polite dog, she doesn't like cats and chickens and possibly other dogs, so I knew she would need the doggie school and the time working with the trainers. I am so pleased with her progress and can tell a huge difference when Penny is around my chickens. I have had my first one on one lesson with Josh so far and let me just tell you...he is great with Penny and I can tell that she respects him. Josh explained some of my dog's problem behavior to me in a very down to earth way and in a way that I could understand. He has shown me how to correct Penny in a way that works! Duffy's approach to dog training works and you will see results soon after starting the program! Duffy's staff are great people, they have all been helpful with any questions I have in the mornings. The full program is flexible enough for me to work around my work schedule. I was nervous about leaving my baby in the care of anyone but this place has proven to me that they take care of your dogs and that shows in how excited Penny is in the mornings when I tell her it is time to go to school! Also, the staff take pride in keeping the facility clean. I will return to Duffy's for any and all of my dog training needs!

by Emilee Clark on Duffy's Dog Training Center
Duffy's Dog Training

I would highly recommend Duffy's Dog training services. They are very welcoming, immediately they explain that there is no dog untrainable no matter what breed, size or age. I really enjoyed that we got to be involved in the one on one training sessions with our Goldendoodle, Jockee. We had several one hour sessions and it gave my husband and I the opportunity to ask questions and be involved in the process. I thought it was useful that the trainers explained the genetic history that our dog carried. It was helpful to know that every breed of dog was engineered for a different purpose. Our dog Jockee has made huge progression and he is only 5 months old, thanks to the work and guidance from Duffy's Dog Training. The entire staff is fantastic, it is obvious that they are experienced and love dogs!!!

by Jay and Chelsey Holderman on Duffy's Dog Training Center

My husband and I started bringing our black lab to Duffys about 1 month ago. We are so impressed with the improvement in our lab already. The staff is extremely professional and it is amazing to see each of them work with the dogs. During the initial evaluation and first visit to Duffy's dog training, you could tell Matt was extremely intelligent and well versed on the way a dog's mind works and the different characteristics of each one. From then on, we have had a couple private lessons and our instructor Josh has been just as impressive. Not only do they work on the dog's behavior and have incredible correction techniques, but they have a love and respect for the animal as well. We would highly recommend this training center to anyone who is looking for any type of training for their four legged friend! Incredible work.

by Whitney Riley on Duffy's Dog Training Center
Duffy’s Dog Training

I really love this place. I brought both of my dogs here for manners week. One dog is four years old and the other is 5 months old and they both have improved a whole lot and I will defiantly be bringing my dogs back. The fact that every morning my dogs were happy and excited to get up at 6am and go to school was really the icing on the cake for me. The trainers at Duffy’s were very friendly every morning when I dropped my dogs off which made me feel wonderful with leaving them there all day and then when I would pick them up in the afternoon they would tell me how good they did that day which is something I loved. As for my personal trainer I had for the private lessons he was amazing as well he made sure I didn’t leave Duffy’s without feeling comfortable handling my dogs on my own. He encouraged me that I could do everything that he was doing, he told me how well my dogs did at school and how well they improved from the first day (Monday) and our first private lesson to the last day of school (Friday) which was also our last lesson. I would defiantly recommend sending your dogs here for training. Not only do my dogs have a wonderful bond with me but now they have a lovely bond with the trainers at Duffy’s with makes me feel amazing about bringing them to such a loving and caring facility. I cannot thank Duffys Dog Training enough ofr helping my dogs with their manners, they will definitely be seeing me here again soon! 🙂

by Amy Elliott on Duffy's Dog Training Center
Duffy's is Fantastic!

I cannot talk highly enough about the knowledgeable, caring and personable staff at Duffy's. We enrolled our French Bulldog, Chapo, into the full training program and it has already been beneficial after only 4 days. Chapo's manner, demeanor and overall behavior have improved tremendously. The staff is awesome at training your dog and then training you how to reinforce the concepts at home. I had my Rottweiler and boxer trained by Duffy's 15 years ago and am back with my new dog. It is worth every penny and more to have a dog who is well behaved.

by Lauren Jones on Duffy's Dog Training Center
Hound mix training

We adopted a hound mix from a local shelter that is a sweet pup but we noticed she had some "intolerance" issues. We were unsure of how to get this under control so we sought help through Duffy's. Dave has been working with us and our sweet Presley and we are more than pleased that we made the decision to enroll her in the full program. After only a week in the program we noticed a huge difference in Presley. Not only is she much calmer but we now we enjoy taking her for walks in the neighborhood and introducing her to our neighbors. We look forward to the rest of our training and will forever be grateful to Duffy's for the training they have offered us and our dog!

by Christy Frazier on Duffy's Dog Training Center
German Shepherd Training

I have two German shepherds named Guinness and Bailey. Guinness is a year old and Bailey is nine months old. Guinness went through the full training program, and I must say it was very much worth the cost. Not only did he go through day school, but we had individual training sessions with trainers who taught us what we needed to know to handle the him correctly. They showed us the correct way to use the commands and went through many different scenarios. Bailey is attending day school now. We worked with trainers Dave, Tyler, and Josh. They are all exceptional trainers, and I would recommend any of them. Our focus for both dogs is manners and traditional commands.

Doberman Training

We have only been with Duffy’s Dog Training Center for a little over 2 weeks, and I am beyond impressed. The difference in our Doberman puppy (Barrett) is amazing. We took Barrett on Spring Break with us, prior to Duffy’s training, and he was exhausted for us. Walking him on a leash was a workout. We also dreaded when people would approach us because he wanted to jump all over them.

We knew it was time for him to be enrolled and knew exactly where to go, as several family members have brought their dogs to Duffy’s for years with nothing but positive experiences.

After the first week, we had a different dog. Now it’s been a little over 2 weeks, and we look forward to taking Barrett with us wherever we go.

He gets so many compliments on his manners when we go out in public. We have to give full credit to the staff at Duffy’s.

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