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Because we understand the importance of the relationship between you and your four-legged friend, we dedicated this page for our public viewers to share their canine’s photo, video, and brief story with the rest of the world.

Clara Markham is justly showcasing her Mari at the recent Louisville Dog Show

Clara Markham with Mari at Louisville Dog Show

Her little hound worked hard in the Conformation ring, and acquired her Companion Dog title in obedience over the show weekend.



Mari takes third place in Ambrican Intermezzo BHCA Nationals

Clara Markham's Mari takes third place in Ambrican Intermezzo BHCA Nationals

Clara Markham’s Mari showed her stuff at the Basset Hound Nationals, taking third place in the Open Bitch Class on Oct. 9, 2014. Congratulations! There were 15 competitors in Mari’s class.



Peaches N Cream garners RAE8 title and has Duffy as trainer

Peaches N Cream Russo - Golden Retriever

Peaches N Cream Russo, CDX BN GN RAE8 THD CGC, achieved a milestone on Saturday, August 30, when she earned her RAE8 title at the Bluegrass Classic Cluster dog show in Lexington, KY.

Peach, which is now receiving tracking lessons from Matthew Duffy, is handled and owned by Rebecca Russo. Breeder: James and Terry Roessler.



Matthew’s tracking training pays off — Basset finds treat

I just wanted to tell you that we are having great success this week with tracking practice.

Seti has done two long tracks, one on Sunday (April 13, 2014) and one today (April 16, 2014).

Today, I was at the very end of the line and just let him do his thing. He got to his bag and shook it to death. You can see treats flying out of it in the photo.

I can’t wait to start him on the articles. You can see the track marks in the grass. He drifted a bit here and there. It was pretty breezy. I just shut up and let him work.

Teresa (Terri) Ralenkotter, owner


Owner no longer has to carry 10-month-old Mastiff

Snookums, a 10-month-old Mastiff

Since Matt and his fantastic crew started working with our “kids”, we don’t have to carry Snookums (a 10-month-old Mastiff) any more. At 120 pounds, that wasn’t easy.

She is a totally different dog. She walks, sits, and acts like she should. All I can say is both her and Bones (a one-year-old Lab mix) are real joys to take anywhere now.

Thanks to all of you at the training center.

Sharon Perez, owner


Not a typical dog!

Hi! My name is Maria. I’m just a typical 6th grader who has a typical 3-year-old Yorkie Shih Tzu mix. Let’s rewind a little bit. She isn’t a typical little dog. She is the nicest dog in the world, and I’m not just exaggerating.

I have never known her to bite ANYONE. Ever heard of a people dog? Cinnamon is your best friend….No, my best friend. I heard that Yorkies really like a family with an only child. Don’t mean to brag, but I am an only child and I’m proud to have a cute and fuzzy fur ball like Cinnamon in my life. Yeah yeah. I know the saying, “A man’s best friend.” But in this case, it’s a girl’s best friend.

I don’t need siblings. I got my best fuzz ball on my side each and every day.

Maria Emerson, owner


Duffy helps Lewy turn into Superdog


Though Clark Kent could transform into Superman without assistance, Lewy needed a little help in his journey to become a Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) collar award-winning obedience star. As we completed Lewy’s CGC test with Mr. Duffy five years ago, Mr. Duffy planted a seed in my mind by saying, “You know John, it wouldn’t take much to put a CD obedience title on Lewy. He is really close to competing in the obedience ring now.”

Though my initial reaction was disbelief, Mr. Duffy could see the potential that I hadn’t noticed. Little did I know that five years later, Int/AM CH Pegasus Taylor’s Lewy Man, CD, RN, CGC, WD (aka Lewy) would exceed all of our wildest expectations.

Lewy’s 193+ average score (out of a possible 200) for 2011 obedience trials speaks volumes for the transformation of mild mannered family dog Lewy into an energenic 7-year-old working “Superdog.” While I give my dog a ton of credit, I can’t thank Matt, David, and Kat enough for helping us acquire the tools to realize Lewy’s potential.

John Parker, MD, owner


Dumpster dog trained by Duffy

Rocky, found in a dumpster

Rocky was found in a dumpster at 12 weeks old and was taken straight to our vet, who confirmed he was healthy. You could tell he was very smart from the start and housebroke within 24 hours. It was like having a bratty 2-year-old that was energetic, adorable but trouble. He started leaping on furniture, chewing, and not wanting to share toys with his brother and sisters.

He started to do things like opening the house door to the garage, getting ice cubes out of the freezer (by just standing up and hitting the button), then turning the ceiling fan on high. I realized he was too smart to be so strong and stubborn, so I called Matt Duffy and signed Rocky up for 11 days of training. I sure missed my buddy, but when I picked him up and he waited for me to tell him to get into the car, I was amazed and thought for sure I had someone else’s dog.

He is a wonderful boy and now has manners. Greets people by sitting down and will no longer take food unless told to and is sharing better. We are still training but what a difference. Our walks are so nice now. I take him walking and not the other way around. I am blessed to have him in my life and he now has a loving and wonderful home.

Thank you Matt Duffy for what you do and your trainers. A wonderful job done by all. We appreciate you all.

Loretta Lancaster, owner


Toby — the “Rotten-weiler” — is one lady’s anchor

My Rottweiler, Toby, is the love and the LAUGH of my life. His sweet and gentle nature, along with his soulful expressions and funny antics, have been my greatest source of joy these past several years.

My family has gone through so much; cancer, loss of our home, loss of income, and more. I could not have made it without my sweet boy to keep me cheered up. I even wrote a poem to express his value to us.

I am the anchor for my husband and daughter, but Toby is MY anchor. He gives so much to me, and I, then, have more to give to those who need me. What a precious gift he is, what a “Rotten-weiler”!

Sienna Wells, owner


Please send me to Duffys!

Bear, Wrigley and I really miss seeing you guys. They are doing much better as they continue on their meds and hopefully to be fully recovered in another week or so.

I came across this picture in an email and thought it would be great to post on your website. I loved it! Of course, looks like my Bear!

As a side note, Matt, it is great to be able to stay in touch with you through my Platinum membership and keep up on the training with the dogs through the videos. Awesome job!

Barbara Saunders, owner


Celebrating Gordo’s 5th Birthday!

Recently, Anthony Schlumpf’s English Bulldog, Gordo, celebrated his 5-year-old birthday with a special party to boot!

Watch video below.


Team Duffy brings new life into Gunner

I would like to share a personal story about my experience with these wonderful trainers. I took my 1½-year-old black Lab, Gunner, in to get evaluated and I thought for sure he was too far gone to get trained. But, he wasn’t.

We have been going to Duffy’s for five months now and Gunner is a totally different dog. He was a very serious dog at first and now he has so much energy and just loves to go to Duffy’s. I take him three days a week for day care following his training and he is a new dog when we leave.

I am truly thankful for everything that the trainers at Duffy’s has done for my Gunner—Matthew Duffy, Joshua Newland, David Benson, Kat Bosley, and Josh Decker.

Thank you for everything.

Elizabeth “Liz” McCall


Duffy calms Bella and Shiloh in minutes

If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it! Matt trained both my dogs, Bella and Shiloh, and I can tell you it was nothing short of amazing. These rambunctious pups wouldn’t sit still.

They constantly pulled the leash, and would eat anything they could reach. In less than 15 minutes, Matt had them sitting calmly next to him with no leash! But what I quickly learned is I needed far more training than Bella and Shiloh.

They were both adopted from our local Humane Society as puppies. So I was concerned how they might behave and what their temperament might be. It was amazing how quickly they responded to Matt’s techniques, truly amazing.

But Matt spent as much time training me as he did the dogs, which was completely necessary. Though I grew up having dogs at home, none of us ever understood why the dogs behaved the way they did. Matt trained me to maintain the training, how to give them space with structure, how to play with them without taking it too far and putting the dog in defensive position.

I am very excited about Matt’s website, of which I am already a member. This will give me direct access to the wealth of knowledge Matt possesses, continued training for me, access to his books, and online seminars, and from what I understand much more is to come. The best part is I don’t have to leave the house to get all this information! It is now at my finger tips!

Thank you Matt

Tony, owner