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Dog Training and Eight Faces of Aggressive Behavior: A Master's Solution to Barkers, Growlers and Biters
Eight Faces of Aggressive Behavior

Hostility is part of most normal dogs’ complex emotional make up. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s simply a natural expression of our animal companion that needs to be managed.

Matthew Duffy will teach you how to calmly control this powerful tool while preserving all the pleasant expressiveness of your trusted friend.

This book will forever change the way you view aggression in dogs. By exploring the eight most common hostile situations and their triggers, much of the mystery is removed from these unpleasant encounters.

The training techniques outlined in this book apply equally well to all breed types and ages.


Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog: Building a Positive Relationship
Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog: Building a Positive Relationship   


If you are an average dog owner looking for answers to your dog-training needs, then it’s time to take the Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog.

Whether you’ve finally taken the plunge and adopted a puppy or dog, but have no idea how to train it or make it a member of your family, or whether you have a dog that has been unruly for months or years, this is the book for you!

Thousands of people just like you have gone to Matthew Duffy, a 30-year veteran dog trainer, for help. And just as they were able to take control of their dog using Matthew’s techniques in Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog, you will too! This straightforward book, which is centered around positive reinforcement, teaches you the techniques and step-by-step instruction you need to effectively and quickly train your dog.

The training techniques outlined in the book apply equally well to all breed types and ages.

In Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog, Matthew teaches you:

  • how to transform a rambunctious dog into a composed family member without the use of negative emotion;
  • how to develop self-control in your dog without the use of formal commands;
  • how to manage your dog’s behavior when challenged by distractions;
  • how to teach the five basic formal commands, step by step;
  • how to better understand the way your dog thinks; and
  • the basic principles of shaping your dogs behavior.

A Message from Matthew

“The head of the average family I deal with often falls short on enough time to comfortably manage all the aspects of pack living: too little time for the kids and spouse, even less time for himself or herself, and next to no time for the dog.

In our amped-up American lifestyle, we have so much on our daily plate that there is little room left for any additional challenge, like owning a dog.

How sad it would be to miss out on such a rewarding and ancient relationship. This has been my job over the past three decades: helping families minimize the challenge of dog ownership so that it fits on their daily plate.

Honestly, with a few environmental controls and the right kind of relationship development, anyone can enjoy a canine companion as the first breeders intended: an animal uniquely developed to live among people.”

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Ten Natural Steps to Training the Family Dog: Building a Positive Relationship — DVD 1 & DVD 2

Matthew covers lessons in a two-part DVD series. Each chapter profiles key steps and commands to help owners learn how to quickly and effectively train their dog without spending hundreds of dollars on obedience classes.

In DVD 1, Chapters 1-5, Matthew covers establishing composure, establishing food control, visitor control: humans and animals, door control, and walking techniques. There’s also a special bonus video included.

In DVD 2, Chapters 6-10, Matthew covers heeling, sitting, down, stay, and come.


Upcoming Books & DVDs

DVD — Six House-training Details: Breaking Down the Concepts to Success

The general concepts of housetraining a dog are relatively easy to understand when taken as a whole, but often times, as is true with most forms of instruction; the attention to detail determines success or failure of the effort.

This DVD brings into clear focus all of those little particulars that seem to get overlooked when a family attempts to condition a pet to their house. While thoroughly covering the six fundamental training concepts (1. Supervision Inside the House, 2. Using a Leash and Collar, 3. Safe Keeping When Un-Supervised, 4. Setting Up an Elimination Routine, 5. Supervision Outside the House, 5. Setting Up a Feeding and Watering Schedule), this DVD really does zero in on those seemingly unimportant details that provide the viewer with the precious information he or she may have been missing.

With this step-by-step process, it’s impossible to get off track; so whether your pet is young and fresh from weaning, or older with a poor housetraining history, this DVD is your coach to success.

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