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Handling manners are the core of your new relationship and the foundation of further formal obedience training.

  • Composure and Grooming: maintain close proximity to the handler while not bothering anyone in any way. When it comes to grooming, we teach our dogs to go with the flow.
  • Visitor and Animal Control: refrain from initiating physical contact or forcing engagement with other dogs or visitors until invited.
  • Food Control: your dog learns that he can eat only what the handler offers or what is in his food pan.
  • Door Control: your dog will learn to wait for permission to cross a newly exposed threshold.
  • Walking Exercise: your dog will learn to travel in a casual fashion left of the handlers centerline on a full, loose leash.

Handlers will learn to use physical praise, verbal praise and food (as additional bonus) to reward, as well as how to use non-emotional leash and collar tugs without reprimands as deterrent.

Your dog will learn to master the exercises around distractions first, with collar on and leash in hand, then with collar on but leash out of hand, finally, with collar on and leash off.

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