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In Memory of Officer Tim Brackeen

In Memory of Officer Tim Brackeen.

When a “Good Guy” goes down, unfairly taken from his loved ones and duty, questions arise. Why do “Good Guys” do what they do? Why do
these men and women put their very lives at risk for a community that sometimes wanes in respect and appreciation?

Tim Brackeen stood for family, God and country. He believed in fairness and equality. He operated by the “book” and was always “squared away.” Tim seemed so undeserving of such a fate.

As “Good Guys,” when you begin to question your purpose and the value of your duty, remember that you were born for the task. The vast
majority of the unheard community supports your position, values your service and respects what you represent.

The vast majority of us who are not on the front lines, pray for you who are. We silently count on you to carry the torch to protect and
serve, because you are the “Good Guys.” You represent what this country was founded on, and you are one of the symbols of American pride. Without you, the community loses faith in civility.

When Mikel and Daphne fall asleep tonight, they need to know that all of you fine men and women are protecting them and honoring all those
things that Tim gave his “full measure” for.

So please friends, stand tall, stand fast, stand proud, and know that you represent goodness. Your community is behind you!

God Protect!

Cathy Cantu and Matthew Duffy

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