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Donna’s Corner: Food allergy or yeast infection

When selecting the best food for our pets, we often become consumed with ingredients. The food must be grain free, and not contain this and that. Which is fine. However, as mentioned so many times in the past, all grain free foods are not created equal.

A food can be grain-free, but far from low in carbohydrates. Just because it is grain-free does not mean it is low in carbs.

I am sharing two pictures of one of our actual customers. This dog was presented to us with severe skin and ear issues. The dog had been tested for allergies, and did not test positive for any food allergies. The first photo was taken on a Sunday—the day the owner began the food transition. The dog was on a kibble from a big box store and taking two, over-the-counter antihistamines daily.

We switched his food, the owner stopped the antihistamines, and the second photo was taken five days later showing amazing results.

The lesson here is that all food-related issues are not necessarily food allergies or intolerances. Very few pet food manufacturers will actually list the percentage of carbohydrates in their foods. The purpose of a grain-free diet should be to lower the intake of carbs.

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