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Congratulations to Terri Ralenkotter and Navy

NAVYTDFrom Terri Ralenkotter

I know Clara emailed you about Navy, but I wanted to thank you personally for all your help. I really hated pulling Track 1. I wanted him to be a bit hungrier, and it did show because he fiddle-farted around between the first two flags before settling in. Had one brief wander off on a deer path, but he abandoned it pretty fast knowing breakfast did not wait at the end of it.

Now I must decide, should I keep going for distance to go for TDX or work on some variable surfaces to go for TDU in preparation for VST.

Maybe you can ponder if before our next lesson. I am very happy to be able to give his breeder, Gene, the happiness of now having a tracking titled dog in his kennel name.

Here is our track:



Congratulations to Terri and Navy from Matthew

It is no small accomplishment to achieve an American Kennel Club’s Tracking Title on the first attempt.

An appropriate training regimen, dedication to the sport, and a strong bond between the dog and handler all melded together to make the title attainable.

Terri and Navy are wasting no time in pursuing their next title: AKC’s Tracking Dog Excellent.

The best of luck to you!

The Duffy’s Dog Training Team

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