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The answer to that question is, yes! Every single little furbaby is different. Each one has a different type of coat and different types of skin. If your dog has noticeably dry skin, and you bathe him often, then you might be...
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ADVISOR DONNA RICHARDSON (PET NUTRITIONIST) — We get lots of questions regarding rotating your dog’s diet. There are many “ways” and reasons to rotate your food, and guess what? Many are correct. For a normal, healthy adult pet, we suggest feeding a...
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The simple answer is, as often as you’d like. There are some things to consider, however, when you do so. First and most important is the quality of the products you use. Using good, quality shampoos and skin conditioners are key. All...
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You are probably shaking your head and wondering what in the world your pet’s food could possibly have to do with flea prevention. There are few times that the subject of “immune system” has not been in mentioned in previous articles. Have...
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ADVISOR DONNA RICHARDSON (PET NUTRITIONIST) — The arrival of spring for many humans and pets alike brings on the challenge of seasonal allergies. We deal with food trials for suspected food allergies year round. ...
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