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Advisor’s Corner: Can I Bathe My Dog Too Much?

The answer to that question is, yes! Every single little furbaby is different. Each one has a different type of coat and different types of skin. If your dog has noticeably dry skin, and you bathe him often, then you might be bathing too often or with shampoo that is too harsh.

Try bathing a little less often and use an oatmeal shampoo or even baby shampoo because it is very mild and also tearless. If your dog is excessively greasy, then contrary to popular belief, you could still be bathing too often. When the dog’s skin is very dry, the body will try to over compensate and the hair ends up greasy. In this case, also try an oatmeal or baby shampoo, and bathe just a little less often.

Stay tuned! Next month we discuss anal glands! Wahoo!

This Advisor’s Corner was by Amanda Jones with Totally Clips Pet Salon.

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