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About Us

Duffy's Dog Training Center - About Us

We are the premier canine training center serving the Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana area. Our clients and their dogs have traveled to us from as far away as Canada, Texas, and Florida and consist mostly of the average family dog with everyday behavioral issues to conformation, scent detection, search and rescue, police, and bed bug detection dogs.

With more than 33 years of dog obedience and canine training experience, we are equipped to manage all aspects of your dog behavior and handling needs.

Our approach to dog behavior and instruction is always positive: We minimize deterrents and capitalize on incentives. Clients who come to our dog training center learn to be firm and effective dog handlers without being physically harsh. They learn how to motivate without losing control of their dog, and they learn to be focused and consistent so they can be successful!

Our dog trainers have become Family Dog Specialists after many years of successfully training thousands of dogs and their owners. Our unique approach to dog training and behavior shaping will transition your family pet into a valued family member.

We want to meet you and your dog and answer any questions you may have.

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Matthew’s Team

Dave Benson

DAVID BENSON was born in Franklin, Pennsylvania. David began working as a dog trainer for Matthew in 2002. Since then David has trained hundreds of dogs as Lead Trainer at Duffy’s Dog Training Center, LLC., and can step in to replace Matthew in many of the seminars Duffy’s Dog Training Center, LLC, conducts. David’s training interest includes: personal protection, scent detection, herding, and obedience.

Kathy Bosley

KATHY BOSLEY was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Kathy started working with Matthew in 2001 as Kennel Manager. Currently, she is the lead trainer for the In-Kennel Training Program, where she oversees the care and training of hundreds of dogs each year.

Kathy’s training interests include: competition training, general obedience, and handicap assistance.

Cathy Cantu

CATHY CANTU was born and raised in Cloverdale, Indiana. She has been involved with dog training in some form or fashion since she was 19. She came to Louisville in 2000 and found Matthew Duffy in 2001. Cathy has worked with him ever since. Her current role with Duffy’s Dog Training and White Fang Ventures is website contributor. Cathy’s training interests include: personal protection, tracking, and competition obedience.

Josh Decker

JOSH DECKER was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Josh’s role at the Training Center is to manage the daily training of the dogs checked into Doggie Day Care Program.

Josh’s training interest includes: personal protection, scent detection, tracking, and general obedience. He also conducts private instruction lessons.

Heidi O'Bryant, Duffy's Dog Training Center Manager

HEIDI O’BRYANT was raised in a dog training kennel, literally. As Matthew’s daughter, Heidi has been engrossed in dog training since she was knee high to a grasshopper.

Heidi recently came onboard to run the daily operations of Duffy’s Dog Training Center as well as coordinate and handle the Bed Bug Detection Dog program.

Tyler Ohlmann

TYLER OHLMANN was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Tyler joined the Duffy’s Dog Training Center team in early 2012. His athleticism is apparent as he hones his skills in decoy work.

In addition to excelling in personal protection training, Tyler assists in the training of the Doggie Day Care Program enrollees and conducts private instruction lessons.

Morgan Spitznagel

MORGAN SPITZNAGEL attended the University of Louisville where she studied Mechanical Engineering after graduating from Floyd Central High School in Southern Indiana. She began her professional dog training career in April 2015, when she enrolled in a Professional Trainer’s Course at Duffy’s Dog Training Center, LLC.

Combining her innate ability to communicate with animals and the 12 weeks of instruction she received during the Professional Trainer’s Course, Morgan quickly developed into an exceptional handler. Morgan has handled literally hundreds of dogs, encompassing a diverse range of breed types in the past year that she has been an employee of Duffy’s. She is adeptly expanding her professional skills every working day of the week.