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About Us

Duffy’s Dog Training Center is the premier canine training center serving the Louisville, Kentucky and southern Indiana area. Our clients and their dogs have traveled to us from as far away as Canada, Texas, and Florida training needs ranging from an average family dog with behavior issues all the way to dogs needing training in conformation, scent detection, search & rescue, police or bed bug detection.

Our approach to dog behavior and instruction is always positive: We minimize deterrents and capitalize on incentives. Clients who come to our dog training center learn to be effective dog handlers without being physically harsh. They learn how to motivate without losing control of their dog and learn to be focused and consistent!

With more than 33 years of dog obedience and canine training experience, we are equipped to manage all aspects of your dog behavior and handling needs.

Leading trainer and founder, Matthew Duffy, and his team of trainers have become Family Dog Specialists after many years of success training thousands of dogs and their owners. Our unique approach to dog training and behavior shaping will transition your family pet into a valued family member.

We want to meet you and your dog and answer any questions you may have.

Just call (812) 948-2120 for a FREE Evaluation.

Our Training Center Philosophy

We can teach you how to communicate with your dog and better understand canine behavior while being sensitive to your pet’s unique personality!

We center our training approach on Matthew’s unique set of five handling manners. These are casual, command-free responsibilities for your dog that do not require the rigidity of formal commands.

The result is legitimate, hands-free, relaxed control over your canine companion while he/she is in the center of activity.

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Shaping Behavior

Once handling manners (which act as the core of your new relationship with your pet) have been well-learned, we can launch you and your canine companion into any direction of formal training you desire.

Utilizing motivational techniques such as positive reinforcement and non-verbal deterrents, in conjunction with consistent handling, we can help you teach your dog a broad range of commands and hand signals.

Our focus during training will be on reward (lots of it), not harmful negativity. In fact, at our training center, we do not use any physical reprimands or negative emotions during your dog’s learning exercises!

Meet Matthew's Team

Kathy Bosley

KATHY BOSLEY was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Kathy started working with Matthew in 2001 as Kennel Manager. Currently, she is the lead trainer for the In-Kennel Training Program, where she oversees the care and training of hundreds of dogs each year.
Kathy’s training interests include: competition training, general obedience, and handicap assistance.

Cathy Cantu

CATHY CANTU was born and raised in Cloverdale, Indiana. She has been involved with dog training in some form or fashion since she was 19. She came to Louisville in 2000 and found Matthew Duffy in 2001. Cathy has worked with him ever since. Her current role with Duffy’s Dog Training and White Fang Ventures is website contributor.
Cathy’s training interests include: personal protection, tracking, and competition obedience.

Josh Decker

JOSH DECKER was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Josh’s role at the Training Center is to manage the daily training of the dogs checked into Doggie Day Care Program.
Josh’s training interest includes: personal protection, scent detection, tracking, and general obedience. He also conducts private instruction lessons.

Heidi O'Bryant

HEIDI O’BRYANT was raised in a dog training kennel, literally. As Matthew’s daughter, Heidi has been engrossed in dog training since she was knee high to a grasshopper.
Heidi recently came onboard to run the daily operations of Duffy’s Dog Training Center as well as coordinate and handle the Bed Bug Detection Dog program.

Grant Foster

GRANT FOSTER is one of our newest team-members in the 'Dog Training World.' Grant began his professional career in the fall of 2017, with a commitment to one-on-one tutoring from Mr. Duffy. Grant's innate ability to communicate with dogs became apparent at his first tutoring session. Diligently, applying and refining the behavior-shaping techniques he is taught, Grant is quickly becoming adept in the balanced, scientific training methods employed at Duffy's. Now that he has hundreds of canine students already under his belt, Grant is on the fast-track to becoming an accomplished Professional Dog Trainer with a broad affinity for all breed types.

Ron Buschmann

RON BUSCHMANN is a lifelong friend and dog-man. He began his handling career in 1986, when he contracted his first professional trainer to guide hem through formal instruction with his Alaskan Malamute, 'Tundra.' I met Ron and his Border Collie 'Oldie' in 1993, as I helped prepare him to enter the canine competition world. In 1996, Ron and 'Bailey' (his Golden retriever) achieved their A.K.C. Companion Dog title in a single weekend with a 'Top Overall' score. Since that time, Ron and his various companions (which also include working German Shepherds, Jack Russel Terriers, and Greyhounds) have attained multiple titles (C.D., C.D.X., Rally Novice through Excellent) with numerous first place finishes. Hunting behind 'First Class' Upland-Game dogs, developing Dock Diving athletes and photographing canines in action are some of Ron's relative past-time activities.