A Message From Our Leading Trainer, Matthew Duffy

Matt Duffy, Dog TrainerCyber dog training is a brand new world for me! It’s an awkward place for a dog trainer who feels most comfortable in the company of dogs. As I finish writing my second book on canine aggression, I must imagine I have a dog in hand and visualize the face of his owner or the words won’t come to me, just like I had to do with the first book.

I was hoping the words might flow a little easier this time, but it’s still very satisfying being able to recount actual training experiences and relay pertinent (hopefully interesting) information to so many people I would otherwise not be able to meet.

My hope with this new website, WhiteFangVentures.com, is to make a dog trainer’s lifetime of information readily accessible before I get too old and tired to care! This desire to better pass on information is the impetus behind our DVDs. So even though I can’t see you or handle your dog, you can watch me working with other dogs and pick up on subtleties and details that I can’t adequately convey in a book.

Talk about a challenge, attempting to create a quality training DVD has proven to be more challenging than wrestling with a cantankerous 125 lb. St. Bernard! The most disagreeable part of filming, by the way, is having to view the edited clips and watch myself on screen over and over and over again! With all that said, I think we have ended up with very informative and enjoyable training videos.

The quality and success of any product I’m able to bring to you is do in total, not in part, to all the intelligent, hard working, passionate and genuinely good people I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by. I mean that with all sincerity.

Were it not for the creativity and diligence of Tony Fleming and Jeff Emerson, this website would not even exist. Because of the professional attention to detail and countless hours of editing by my friends at Cool World Productions, the videos we have produced are well worth watching, instead of yet another homemade version of Dog Training 101 which is nearly impossible to sit through.

My associates David Benson, Kathy Bosley and Josh Decker all contribute so much of their energy and time to the Training Center project that I couldn’t begin to measure their worth or my appreciation for their contribution. It will have to be sufficient to say, I couldn’t pursue my passion without them.

The impetus for several larger-than-life projects that surround me now, I owe to one person, my best friend Cathy Ann. My absolute toughest critic and my champion all rolled into one beautiful human being. She gives me the desire and confidence to take on the filming projects, the website and the second book. Our dog behavior discussions often run on late into the night as we prepare for the next DVD or seminar or chapter. I never seem to tire of talking with Cathy, especially when it’s about our mutual lifelong passion, DOGS!

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Matthew Duffy profile pictureAbout Matthew Duffy

Since the age of 13 while working as a mounted trail guide in Southern Indiana Matthew Duffy’s caring rapport with animals was evident. While Matthew loved his work with horses, his heart lie with dogs.

Working as a dog trainer for the past 30 years, Matthew Duffy has honed the art of communication with our family friend — the canine. Through his then revolutionary idea of first teaching his four-legged students five basic manners, he discovered that our family friend was a happier, more fulfilled and more reliable partner.

Regardless of a canine’s training destiny, whether police and military, sport and competition, handicap assistance, or family companion, Matthew insists on teaching the five manners thereby encouraging his philosophy of genuine control without rigidity. Now, because of the countless hours and thousands of canines Matthew has tutored, he has mastered his techniques and is now able to share it with dog lovers everywhere.

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