New baby and dogs fit right in

Baby with dogs

SUBMITTED BY: Molly Sensenbrenner (Professional Photographer) — Typically beginning in the spring, I have my busy season of photography that ends right before Christmas. The cold weather puts most of my sessions on hold, as I usually shoot outdoors on location.

Well, I’ve been laying low with my photography until about now this year, and this photo will show you why. We welcomed a new baby into our family a couple months ago. She has—knock on wood—been a very laid-back, “easy” baby so far and fits perfectly in our family.

Thankfully, our dogs haven’t been phased too much by the new addition as well. They are actually happier than ever because we recently moved into a new house with a much bigger backyard. Well-exercised dogs equals happy, tired dogs.

I love how they look like her guard dogs in the photograph. They seem to be saying, “To get to her, you’ll have to go through us first.”

Lesson: To set up this photo, I first had both dogs lay down leaving a little space for her, and I put our little Cora, who was one week old at the time, in the middle last. I’ve taken many photos of this little girl in her first two months of life, but I have to say that this is one of my favorites.

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