Public preview of members-only canine aggression seminar

CONTRIBUTED BY: CATHY CANTU — Probably Matthew’s best presentation to date, the members-only canine aggression seminar by White Fang Ventures was both informative and exciting.

In my opinion, Matthew is certainly among the elite group of animal trainers, worthy of his own television show. Four dogs with three different forms of aggression were showcased, handled, and discussed.

With Jax and Baby, Matthew educated the crowd on the concerns of a competitive, dog-aggressive dog. Then Matthew moved on to the real, primitive possessive and aggressive instincts of Achilles who even growls to warn his owners of his possession of the water bowl.

Lastly, sweet little Ava, a 14-week-old female German Shepherd who displays defensive aggression. What is always amazing is Matthew’s understanding of a dog’s thoughts, needs, and desires and he communicates it to the crowd with genuine enthusiasm and sincerity.

You always walk away from one of Matthew’s seminars feeling empowered with knowledge and understanding. And you mostly realize that your dog isn’t a monster, but a normal canine bred to do what they are supposed to do. Plus, you have the confidence to handle any challenge that your dog may present.

Would you like to view all four video segments of the canine aggression seminar in their entirety? Click Members Area of to join and start watching today.

We are also excited to bring more of these informative seminars to our members. Standby and we will keep you updated.

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Matthew Duffy is well known for his renowned dog training services, books and DVDs, and online video training sessions through memberships. Matthew uses "genuine control without the rigidity of formal commands." Bring on the dogs!