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tipsyCheryl and her Brittany, Tipsy, just finished a long TDX (American Kennel Club’s Tracking Dog Excellent Title) preparation track.

Cold, late autumn temperatures contributed to Tipsy’s boundless energy. The nearly 500-yard track served as only a warm-up for the four-legged athlete.

Cheryl is preparing her Brittany for an AKC tracking test sometime in 2015.

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mari-trackingClara Markham’s Basset hound, Mari, has taken to human tracking like a duck to water.

Clara is preparing her Basset for their first AKC tracking test, the TD (Tracking Dog), which will come up sometime in the first half of 2015.

Here, Mari was being prepared to to follow her longest track to date, just over 300 yards.

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Cheryl’s little Cocker, Skittles, is sporting a fancy tracking vest. This way, she feels no cold as she pursues her newly found passion.

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