Handlers and their canine brave inclement weather during live tracking lessons

cheryl-the-brittany-tipsy-MatthewCold rain and windy conditions on the morning of Tuesday, April 14, created stimulating tracking conditions for six eager canine students. The lush green grass, along with the cool moisture, kept the track-layers scent close to the ground as well as highly concentrated.

All of the dogs worked to their fullest potential and had a great time doing it. Even though wet and chilly, the handlers were game and high spirited.

On that cold, spring morning, we learned a lot about the workings of the canine olfactory system, which heightened our appreciation of that special ability.

Thanks to the handler teams: Clara with Mari, Cheryl with Tipsy/Skittles, Terry with Navy/Seti, and Becky with Peach!
You make my job fun while you help to hone my skills at the same time.

Go do some good!


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