Dumpster dog dashes away with award

After a long, hard review of all of the About My Dog stories, the White Fang Ventures team selected Rocky (aka Dumpster Dog) as the winner. While all the stories were heart-warming and clearly expressed the unique bond between man and beast, or as Maria Emerson stated between “girl” and beast, we think Rocky’s story is not only touching, but representative of the struggles many family dog owners face.

We are very pleased to have been able to assist Loretta Lancaster, Rocky’s owner, in turning him into such a mannerly family dog. We certainly hope Rocky will enjoy his newly crafted White Fang Ventures leash.

Congratulations Loretta and Rocky!!

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      Thank you, Monia, for your kind words. We try to post often to our website. You may consider becoming a member of our website. If you purchase the Platinum Plan, you will receive a complimentary copy of Matthew’s book and DVD, plus access to full-length dog training videos that have been professionally filmed.