Donna’s Corner: It’s the Great Pumpkin!


DONNA RICHARDSON, PET NUTRITIONIST — In keeping with the season, I thought this would be a great time to remind everyone of the health benefits of pumpkin for our pets.

Pumpkin (just plain pumpkin, NOT the spiced kind ready for pies) is very good for digestive and urinary health. It’s also good for your pet’s immune system.

Among other things, pumpkin is a great source of fiber.

Here are some suggested ways to use pumpkin:

  • Stuff canned pumpkin in a raw marrow bone or kong.
  • To help slow down loose stool, give a small amount of pumpkin.
  • If your pet is truly constipated, more pumpkin will help get things moving again.
  • To help with weight loss, substitute a small amount of kibble with pumpkin.
  • Make your own “pupsicles” by freezing canned pumpkin in ice trays.

Please contact your veterinarian if symptoms of constipation or diarrhea persist. It is possible for a dog to appear to be constipated, when he has actually had diarrhea.

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