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ADVISOR DONNA RICHARDSON (PET NUTRITIONIST) — The arrival of spring for many humans and pets alike brings on the challenge of seasonal allergies. We deal with food trials for suspected food allergies year round. ...
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This past November Matthew had the pleasure of visiting Schöne Stadt German Shepherds to speak to breeders, Donald and Jamie Price, as well as evaluate their litter of seven-week-old puppies. Schöne Stadt German Shepherds produce quality puppies time and again.They are...
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We are happy to announce that Hugo, a German Shepherd, won the inaugural White Fang Ventures Holiday Photo Contest for Pets, which ended this month. We will provide the grand prize to the winner and owner soon when they visit Duffy’s Dog...
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Appropriately praising a dog-in-training is an equally important topic for the professional handler as it is for the novice. A handler can choose to either stimulate or soothe the canine student by touch or word. Both exciting and comforting praise would be...
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