Camp Canine at Luther Luckett and Duffy’s Dog Training Center pay off for dog owner

BY MATTHEW CONNELL — David (Benson), I hope your holiday season has been wonderful and you are looking forward to the new year. I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts through Duffy’s Dog Training Center and the Camp Canine program at Luther Luckett.

We spoke last summer about our adopted 2-year-old shepherd/hound mix, Murphy, and he has continued to prove himself a well-balanced, driven and lovable dog. If it helps to jog your memory, Murphy was relocated from Kentucky to Massachusetts and now lives with my girlfriend and I in the Bay State.

Per your recommendation, we have read Matt Duffy’s books, practice his training methods, and have managed to (mostly) break Murphy’s remaining bad habits of dog-focused aggression, chasing wildlife, and barking in the crate. Murphy’s knowledge of the basic manners and commands he learned through Camp Canine made his transition into our home very smooth. He always impresses neighbors, friends, and family with his wonderful temperament and focus, and has even learned to behave off-leash.

I have attached a picture of Murphy hanging out with my girlfriend’s horse, Apache, at the barn, and another of him sitting calmly while being confronted by a squirrel at Boston Garden several months ago (click on each of them to enlarge). The latter drew quite a crowd due to his calm focus. Please pass our gratitude on to Matt Duffy and the rest of the team, as well as to the inmates of Camp Canine and Oldham County Humane Society. Feel free to share the photos with all of them. It is a testament to the exceptional work you all do.

Best Regards,

Matt & Brielle


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