A summary of the Tennessee K9 Tracking Seminar

Identifying the Track ScentWe had more than a dozen K9, Law Enforcement teams attend the first Tracking Seminar held a Cobra Canine in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Cool air, warm sunshine, and lush green vegetation set the stage for excellent tracking conditions. Canines in attendance ran the spectrum of German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch shepherds and Labrador retrievers.

Each day, the morning lectures laid the foundation for afternoon field work.

The week began with discussions on basic tracking fundamentals and canine olfactory mechanics. Smoke bombs as well as human tracking exercises were utilized throughout the week in an attempt to cultivate the development of refined training techniques. Track acquisition and “lost trail recovery” closed out the week of instruction, as the in-field training exercises morphed into experiences resembling “real-world” scenarios.

It is always a pleasure for me to be able to work with such high caliber dogs and handlers. I am looking forward to the next opportunity.

– Matthew Duffy

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